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On this page, learn more about us, our profils, our personalities and about the reasons why we have decided to travel around the world and become the Travelling Learners.

Leslie, 26 years old.

After my studies in Law and Human Resources, and after some years doing apprenticeships, I have had the opportunity to do  a V.I.E (International Volunteer Experience). Thanks to this program that allows young graduates to work abroad, I was able to go to Norway. I worked in Stavanger (South of Norway) for a year as a Human Resources Officer for a major oil & gas company.

During this year I realized that I needed to try something else, go outside my confort zone and gain new competencies. More than anything, I wanted to learn something new.

Of course I have learned a lot through my studies and professional experiences, but I think that I can go even further. For me, it’s not just about travelling around the world as tourists, no, it has to be more than that. At the end of this experience I need to feel uplifted in terms of competencies and knowledge. This world travel should be useful.

We are going to travel with Arthur for a year, discover new cultures, new countries (click here to learn about our itinerary), meet new people, develop our competences, and most importantly live a unforgettable life experience.

What will happen at the end of this world travel? I don’t know yet. I might want to go back to the Human Resources field, or I might discover a new passion along the road.

Everything is possible and it’s fantastic.


“Once you stop learning you start dying”. Albert Einstein


Arthur, 31 years old.

Coming from a large family, I grew up listening to the travel tales of my grand-parents, parents and elders.

Being an active person, I am eager to discover new things and participate in creative projects. When I was younger I have been acting in a lot of plays in theater, especially during the Avignon festival where I performed several years in a row. Though theater, I understood my need to fight against routine and that my working life shall provide me with change of settings, speech and character: just as in travelling. New places, cultures, languages and encounters mean a lot to me and are key factors for blossom of individuals.

I have already been abroad for a while. My studies within International Business and Management brought me as far as in China and Norway 8 years ago. First in Trondheim in the middle  of the country for an exchange study in college; then in Shenzhen, close to the border with Hong Kong for a 6 months traineeship, Oslo for a civilian service within French export, and finally in Stavanger to work in the oil & gas industry and in a school. The experience of these last couple of years in Norway was full of learnings from a professional and cultural perspective.

While my family is growing vines in Beaujolais, I want to understand and learn more about wine making; to be able to give an hand on the fa,illy business someday. From this came the idea of learning while travelling. With Leslie the project became more and more tangible, structured: and yet  here we are almost on our way!


What after our world trip? Even though the main lines are clear on paper, it is still challenging knowing what the adventure holds for us… turning back to starting point? Settle somewhere on the road? resume student life? What a sea of possibilities we can see for us!


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