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Workaway in Argentina (archaeology)

Who has not dreamed as a child of becoming one day an archaeologist? Well we were lucky to be Indiana Jones for 2 weeks and have a unique adventure.

Here are the pictures of our adventure in Argentina on the archaeological site of Loma Rica. As usual the video is available with English subtitles

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Workaway in Australia (vineyards & cider factory)

For our stay in Australia we decided to learn more about micro-business management … and about wine production. We have therefore carried out missions in 3 different vineyards.

Here is the video of our adventures in Australian vineyards. As usual, it is available with English subtitles 🙂


Recipe Mongolia: the Khuushuur

During our stay in Mongolia we loved Mongolian food. Most typical dishes consist of sheep meat and potatoes … not very dietary. But we must remember that in this region of the world where temperatures easily reach -20 degrees in autumn and winter, it is difficult to grow vegetables or fruits.

Our trip to China in video

Here is the compilation of the videos and pictures from our trip to China. A three minutes video that will show you some of what we have seen and done in this country 🙂


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