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Questions & Answers – Mongolia

In this new video, discover our answers to students’ questions about Mongolia.

Indeed, kids from France, Scotland and Norway regularly send us questions about our trip and the countries we visited. Here are our answers in pictures (the video has English subtitles).

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Our Workaway adventure in China

We are finally back with a new video, the one about our Workaway mission in China! After visiting Beijing and Yunnan (South West China) we went to an organic farm in Huizhou near Hong Kong for our 3rd Workaway mission. The video is available with English subtitles 🙂

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Our Workaway adventure in Mongolia

Our journey in Mongolia is coming to an end. Before leaving the country and going to China, we wanted to share with you our adventure in the Mongolian steppes … an adventure not always glamorous 😂

Answering students’ questions

Students from 3 schools are following our World Tour. During our trip we will answer their questions and we will be their eyes throughout our journey .