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Our journey in Mongolia is coming to an end. Before leaving the country and going to China, we wanted to share with you our adventure in the Mongolian steppes … an adventure not always glamorous 😂

As you know we want to work in every country we visit to learn more about the daily life of the local and the culture of the country. In Russia we worked in a hostel, and in Mongolia we worked on a farm with yaks, cows and sheep.

We lived in a yurt with a family of Mongolian nomads and helped them for a week. On the program: take care of yaks and cows, help with the milking of the cattle, maintain pens, fetch water from the river…


Mongolia Workaway


An experience not always simple. Indeed, our hosts did not speak English, it was very cold (up to -17), we were not used to working with animals, we did not have privacy in the yurt, no toilet, shower, electricity …

But in the end this experience will remain unforgettable. The family we lived with showed us how friendly, open and hard-working the Mongols are. And it was a unique adventure that few people have the chance to do. The kind of adventure that makes you think about who you are, what you want to do and become.

Here is the video of our  Workaway adventure  in Mongolia.