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Our World trip has started on September the 18th and will last for a duration of 10 months and 8 days 🙂 Our first stop in this adventure: Russia.

To know more about our itinerary, please read our article “Discover our Itinerary“.

At the time of departure, our backpacks were weighing 15 kg each, with additional bags on our belly of 4 kg for Leslie and 7 kg for Arthur. We shall give more details about our equipement in another article… But for the time being let us keep focus on Russia.


This is not the first time that Leslie and I travelled to Russia. Last summer we spend two weeks in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, but we must admit that Kazan amazed us. This city located in the Tatarstan’s Republic has no peer. With its architecture, modernity, interculturality and worships diversity: Kazan is worth going out of your way to see.

To know more, watch our video with our first impression:


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